Alumina Ceramics Small thin pipe

アルミナセラミックス 小径薄肉パイプ

Alumina Ceramics small thin pipe φ2.4×φ1.8×12L Thickness0.3t

We can produce small diameter and thin pipe by high purity Alumina ceramics(purity 92%~99.7%).

Case introduction of the parts for high electric resistivity products

Nishimura’s high purity α-Al2O3 products are used for high electric resistivity products also.
Usually general alumina product’s electric resistivity will get bad in the high temperature condition.
(e.g. Volume resistivity 10-14Ωcm in the general temperature will be decrease to 10-12Ωcm in the high temperature condition)
However, Nishimura’s ceramics is able to keep volume resistivity 10-15Ωcm.
Therefore, It is used for a thunder resistance parts and a sensor cover for high temperature.

Strong Point

  • It has great electric resistivity even its very thin since it is very fine grain alumina ceramics.
  • From raw material to forming, also firing, All made in Japan, All made in Nishimura Porcelain.
  • We don’t supply any defect product based on strict quality control.
  • Order Production
  • We can fit to polishing finish


  • Protecting tube for temperature sensor.
  • Spacer
  • Insulation pie
  • Insulator for any kind of heater.



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