Ceramic heatsink for a troidal coil

A toroidal coil will have better performance by attaching the our ceramic heatsink ‘N-9H’, because the heatsink will radiate heat about 18℃ and it is estimated that 12A of electrical current will be applied.

Not only a magnetic line of force but heat will be produced by sending a current to a toroidal coil. These accidents below may occur by generating heat.

  • Electrical resin of a coil may deteriorate by heat and short.
  •  Toroidal coil may be damaged by deterioration of glue.
  •  Magnetic characteristic will get lower if a core exceeds curie temperature(Transition temperature which ferromagnetic substance turn into paramagnetic substance)
  •  Coil may fall from a board by melting of solder
  •  Measurement result of temperature of inner part of a coil when the ceramic heatsink “N-9H” was attached to a toroidal coil is written below.

Measurement sample

Toroidal coil (rated current: 8A)



 Measuring method,result

Measuring a temperature of inner part of a coil when conducting electricity on the condition below.
(Condition) Voltage: 20V Current: 8A Electric power:160w Conducting time:1hour

Without ceramic heatsink”N-9H”
→Temperature of inner part of a coil: 68.1℃

With “N-9H” on toroidal coil and alumina filter “C-10S” between coil and heatsink
→Temperature of inner part of a coil: 49.6℃


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