Thermal engineering of FPGA by N-9H

As a thermal management method of FPGA, heat radiation method by N-9H is receiving a lot of attention from a engineers in Japan

《Uniqueness of N-9H》 Making miniaturization of all kind of heat sink. 

Noise will not occur from the N-9H heat sink. As a noise countermeasure heat sink. As a EMC heatsink. 
Cooling Fan, Sheet, grease, or thermal pad is not required. Simple screw cramp is recommended.

《Performance comparison between usual heatsink VS N-9H》

Using Heater as a heat generator(25×1.75t、100V-100W)control the temperature on its surface 150、180、250℃
Compare the temperature on heater’s surface after 30 minutes operation. Condition is closed space with no wind. Temperature of testing room is usual room temperature.



Left:Usual Black Alumite fin Right:N-9H Ceramic heat sink
(50×12H mm) (50×6T mm)


Temperature of Heater itself
(Without heat sink)
Temperature of heater with heat sinks
Black Alumite fin N-9H Difference ΔT
150℃ 90.3℃  86.7℃  3.6℃
180℃  119.1℃  110.8℃  8.3℃
250℃  175.4℃  164.3℃  11.1℃


Usual black alumite fin
In case using N-9H heatsink

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