Translucent Alumina ceramics

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N-9000NS tube

15mm outer dia.×6mm inner dia.×56mm
N-9000NS tube

4mm outer dia.×2mm inner dia.×170mm


Nishimura Advanced Ceramics manufactures Translucent Alumina ceramic which has high total light transmittance and high mechanical strength like single crystal sapphire.

Since N-9000NS is produce from pure fine grain Alumina, it has higher intensity than other translucent alumina.

It has even better mechanical strength than sapphire, therefore it can be substitute of sapphire.

N-9000NS is based on 99.99% Alumina.



  N-9000NS Sapphire
Purity 99.99 % or more 99.99 % or more
Total light transmittance
(refer to JIS K7105)
83.66 % or more Similar or better
Particle size 1~3 μm Single crystal
Bending strength 822 MPa Bit weaker
Hardness 21.4 GPa Similar
Complex strength 5779 MPa Half of 9000NS
Electric resitivity  10¹⁶ Ωcm Similar


  • High intensity 
  • Smaller crystal than other translucent alumina or transparent alumina
  • The surface of N-9000NS is greatly smooth
  • N-9000NS can a substitute for a sapphire


  • Parts for semiconductor devices
  • Alternative material of Sapphire
  • Substrates for electric parts
  • Heat-resistant and Corrosion-resistant material. E.g. Reaction tube, crucible
  • Medical equipment and analyzers
  • RF Window


N-9000 characteristics table(PDF)

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