Metal Injection Molding feedstock binder mixing (MIM)

Metal Powder

MIM feed stock



Based on Nishimura’s CIM(ceramic injection molding) binder mixing knowhow, Nishimura start processing MIM (Metal injection molding) feed stock since 1989.
Please try out our special MIM feed stock. You will probably surprise on below point.


  • Using unique Nishimura original binder
  • No solvent debinding. (Thermal de-binding is required)
  • Quick Debinding process
  • Recycling efficiency
  • Less deforming when being debinded
  • Very few carbon residue on sintered body
  • From small batch to mass production, Nishimura prepare variety of facility.


DISPERSION MIXER(Kneader) Required Material amount(SUS-316L)
0.5ℓ 1machine 2㎏/1cycle
3ℓ 1machine 15㎏/1cycle
10ℓ 2machine 50㎏/1cycle

Example of metal material

SUS Fe-Ni(Fe-2N) Fe-Co SKD
SKH Tungsten Carbide Other special steel

Maximum order volume


Product example

CIM feedstock is now available to provide too,  Detail of Ceramic Injection Molding is here.


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