TO-220 Ceramic Heatsink

N-9H Ceramic heat-sink base for SIC Schottky barrier diode TO-220

TO-220 Ceramic Heatsink1

As you can see the picture on top, a user can reduce space of a heatsink with same cooling performance when a user uses our ceramic heatsink. Nishimura Advanced Ceramics produce a ceramic heat sink which has original thermal radiation system.  These unique ceramic heat sinks are used for LED light, Outdoor electric device, or small electric device. This time Nishimura Advanced Ceramics will introduce the ceramic heatsink with a special package for TO220 SIC Schottky barrier diode to the market.

Nishimura prepare 4 type of design(ask us for more detail), and size is 20x40x6(mm) Please feel free to ask the price and free sample piece to Ko Nishimura

TO-220 Ceramic Heatsink2 TO-220 Ceramic Heatsink

As a speciality of Nishimura’s N-6H or N-9H ceramic heat sink

  • Great thermal radiation
  • High insulation, thermal resistance, and withstand voltage
  • Small Space:No more cooling fan, Aluminum fin
  • Better price than ALN

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