This product is based on Forsterite. High quality Forsterite does not contain any free Magnesia crystals, and we are one of the corporation which can provide high quality Forsterite.

Nishimura porcelain only uses carefully selected materials, and we are doing quality control strictly.

Strong Point

  • The surface of Forsterite is smooth and Strong
  • It has high insulation resistance.
  • It has low dielectric loss tangent.
  • High coefficient of thermal expansion


  • For electrical insulating material
  • For high-frequency insulating material
  • For insulating material for vacuum tubes
  • For register material


Nishimura No. N-75
Main Component 2MgO・SiO2
Bulk specific gravity 3.0
Water absorption 0%
Bending Strength 150MPa
Dielectric constant 6.5(1MHz)
Dielectric loss tangent 3×10-4(1MHz)
Thermal expansion coefficient 9.7×10-6/℃
Thermal Conductivity 3.35 w/m・k
Thermal shock resistance 1000℃


Material Property
Characteristic Table(PDF 63.7KB)



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