by Nishimura Advanced Ceramics.

No Need To Replace Chuck
Flexible in the
smallest and thinnest

by Nishimura Advanced Ceramics.
Various types of workpieces
Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck

for all kinds of workpieces

The ANYCHUCK is a ceramic vacuum chuck with ultra-fine pores of Φ1 µm minimum, enabling strong and safe suction fixation of even extremely small and ultra-thin workpieces. The chuck table, which enables partial suction, can also fix ultra-thin workpieces such as film and metal foil without damage. Multiple workpieces of different shapes and sizes can be fixed simultaneously, reducing the time and effort required for jig design, simplifying the structure, etc.

ANYCHUCK Product Information
Partial Adsorbing vacuum chuck table ANYCHUCK

Powder formulation technology and prototyping capabilitiesOur Technology

Formulation technology and prototyping capabilities that enable flexible control of pore size, from 1um. Nishimura Ceramics has a history of over 100 years as a manufacturer of industrial ceramic materials and has accumulated know-how through constant trial and error. We can help you solve problems with our development technology for a variety of ceramic products.

Technology of NAC

Feature & Structure of Chuck tableANYCHUCK

Porous chucks
smaller than porous surface
Not adsorbableAdsorbable
Multiple adsorptionOnly one workpiece at a timeMultiple workpieces can be adsorbed at once
As a FixtureDesign and production required on a case-by-case basisAlways good to go
Thin workpiece supportMay cause Suction marksLeaves no adsorption marks
Semi-mirror to mirror polish possible.
Feature & Structure of Chuck table ANYCHUCK


Metallic Foil
Adsorbs and fixes metal foil during printing on metal foil
Metal foil could be adsorbed evenly and without damage
Pulls film from roller, cuts, reverses chuck and passes to another chuck
Developed anti-static grades for film
Multiple small workpieces can be conveyed together and passed on to the next process.
The use of partial adsorption grade products enables multiple pieces to be conveyed simultaneously.
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