3D Ceramic Printing (Additive manufacturing) Service / Fast Prototyping

3D Ceramic Printing

3D Ceramic Printing

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in opportunities to see parts using additive manufacturing (AM) such as plastic 3D printers and metal 3D printers. The Advanced/Technical ceramic industry hasalso been trying to develop the Advanced dense ceramic 3D printers for many years. In recent years, technology has evolved rapidly. It is now possible to manufacture advanced/technical ceramics with accuracy/density close to conventional cutting and injection molded products. It can be used for industrial purposes. Nishimura Advanced Ceramics has also begun trial production of industrial ceramic parts using molded products with ceramic 3D printers.

Expected Market

  • Prototype sample for CIM(ceramic injection molding)
  • New manufacturing method of a complex design part, Exceed the existing capacity
  • Manufacture of hollow-structured ceramic parts, which has never been possible in the ceramic industry
  • Ceramic artificial bone

Unique point of Nishimura’s 3D printing service

The spot diameter and lamination thickness are 10 microns, which is higher precision than conventional ceramic printers.
The density becomes dense up to 95% or more of the theoretical density.

Initial costs are not required, and prototypes can be manufactured in a short delivery time.

Available material

Manufactured from a variety of materials as well as 99% alumina and zirconia. Untested materials require a test period.
In addition to 3D ceramic printing, we also offer ceramic cutting with a 5-axis machine.

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