Integrated manufacturing from
ceramic materials to finished products/Industrial ceramics manufacturer Nishimura Porcelain Co., Ltd.

Featured Products

Ceramic vacuum chuck/
Partial adsorbing vacuum

Low thermal expansion ceramics
High purity Alumina ceramic crucible, Aluminum Nitride ceramic crucible
Alumina, AlN crucibles


Features of Nishimura Advanced Ceramics
Integrated manufacturing from materials to finished products
Manufacturing diverse products and accepting orders for a minimum of one item
Over 100 selections of ceramic
Manufacturing highly precise ceramic products by green processing
Selecting the most suitable forming method from various choices
Experience and accumulate knowhow from 1918

Product list

  Large Size Advanced Ceramics   Square Plate ,Round Bar, Round Plate



Material list​​​​

High purity Alumina series   Alumina   Heat radiating ceramics
Yttria   Zirconia   N-600 Zero thermal expansion ceramics
Since its foundation, Nishimura Advanced Ceramics has been offering best solutions from 1918 (for 100 years), employing its years of ceramic manufacturing know-how to design and develop products for customers. Nishimura Advanced Ceramics does not only process ceramic materials, but is also an integrated ceramics manufacturer, kneading ceramic materials, and forming, firing and processing them to finish products, even for an order of one item only.
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