Analysis and Assesment

Nishimura Advanced Ceramics sets up a high-quality analysis machine/tool, and has a specialized knowledge for material analyze and performance check.

Introduce measuring machine/equipment of each evaluation for checking the required accuracy, surface roughness, parallelism, and flatness.


Three-dimensional coordinate measuring tool

It can measure length, tool, hole diameter, flatness, and curve by a 0.1μm unit.

MAX.SIZE :W850×D1000×H600


Digital Microscope

Observation, measurement, and photographing became much more accurate and faster than before with this tool. 
Not only 2D, but the 3D observation is possible with this.
It can zoom up until x5,000, and we are always checking microstructure of ceramics.


Particle counter

Count particle by laser light.

It can count average particle size 50nm~2mm.

CNC image measurement tool

 Contour form measurement.

Size, Hole Size, Hole diameter, curve, Hole pitch, steps.
Auto measuring by μm unit.

Surface roughness measuring tool

It can measure the surface roughness each 0.001 mm unit whether inner whole, a bottom channels, or surface.

Ceramic surface plate, Squareness measuring tool, and more.

Measuring each 1μm unit.

Electrical micro meter

Minimum relative measuring
Measured by each  0.1mm unit.
Using for measuring flatness and parallelism.

Manufacturing technology here.

Collaboration with AIST


Scanning electron microscope
(Kyoto AIST)

We collaborate with local incorporated administrative agency “Kyoto city AIST”( some special testing. They take testing by X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, Thermal analysis equipment, Thermal conductivity measuring tool, X-ray diffractometer, SEM, and more.Also, we take a cooperative research and employee training at there.


On the other hand, We commit to a general incorporated foundation Japan Fine Ceramics Center (locate in Nagoya city, for more technical test which is based on JIS.


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