Thermal Debinding Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) Feedstock

Based on Nishimura’s 30 years CIM experience, Nishimura advanced ceramics produce unique and useful feedstock the Thermal Debinding Ceramic Injection Molding(CIM) Feedstock/compound. On sale from 2018, thank you for waiting long time!

Powder Injection Molding International magazine pick up Nishimura’s CIM feedstock. Please read the article.


1,What kind of CIM Feedstock/Compound Nishimura have?

  • N-9000NS Translucent Alumina 99.99% feedstock
  • N-9000T Alumina 99.99% feedstock
  • N-999 Alumina 99.9% feedstock
  • N-96 Alumina 96% feedstock
  • N-92 Alumina 92% feedstock
  • N-650 Zirconia feedstock(White color, Tosoh powder base)
  • N-630 Zirconia feedstock(White color, Lower price)
  • N-650B Black Zirconia feedstock
  • N-660B Blue Zirconia feedstock
  • N-631 High Fracture Toughness Zirconia feedstock
  • N-75 Forsterite feedstock
  • N-800 Mullite feedstock
  • Apatite feedstock
  • Commissioned manufacturing of Ceramic Injection Molding feedstock(CIM)
  • Commissioned manufacturing of Metal Injection Molding feedstock(MIM)

 If there is a requirement of another ceramics grade, feel free to ask us. We can develop customer’s original feedstock as well.



2,What is the competitiveness of Nishimura’s feedstock/Compound ?

  • User friendly feedstock based on Nishimura’s 30years CIM experience.
  • No solvent de-binding.
  • Low thermal degradation
  • 0% loss compound (Over 10 times recycle ability)
  • Mold Friendly(Less abrasion of metal mold)
  • High flexibility
  • High flowability/fluidity
  • Possible to take extra unfired machining process.

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