Facilities introduction


高温焼成炉   プレス機   CIP機(Cold Isostatic Pressing 、冷間静水圧加圧)
High Temperature Furnace   Press Machine   CIP Machine
スプレドライヤー   射出成形機   押出し成形機
Spray Dryer   Injection Molding Machine   Extrusion Molding Machine
CNC複合加工機   equipment13    
CNC Combined Processing Machine    Accuracy One-side Polishing Machine    
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Another Facilities

High temperature furness 14
Combined machining machine 14
Plane Grinding Mahcine 4
Cylindrical grinder 1
Image measurement 3
High pressure pressing machine 12
CIP machine 2
Injection molding machine 4
Extrusion molding machine 3
and more



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