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High purity Alumina ceramic crucible, Aluminum Nitride ceramic crucible

High purity Alumina ceramic crucible, Aluminum Nitride ceramic crucible Nishimura would like to offer you high quality and low price crucibles produced by unfired machining method.

Application: Metal evaporation crucible                                  Crucible for OLED manufacturing process.                  Planchets

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Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck VM-6​/ Ceramic vacuum chuck

  Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck VM6 can adsorb multiple objects at once, like the picture on left.                                          Because of its 1µm pores, it does not damage objects also.   

Application: For adsorbing and fixing small objects, thin and sensitive objects such as film, fixing objects for machining, and so on.

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Translucent Alumina ceramics

Nishimura Advanced Ceramics produces Translucent Alumina which is based on high purely Alumina. This ceramics has high total light transmittance, and it is suitable for a semiconductor devices parts, a circuit board for electric parts, and so on.

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Low dielectric loss tangent ceramics for high frequency applications

Low dielectric loss ceramics for high frequency applications Features
・Low dielectric loss in GHz or MHz band.
・Several types are available. Low dielectric constant type(ε), low dielectric loss tangent type, stronger type, etc.
・We can produce simple shape parts such as plates, but also small and complex shape parts. Moreover, we can supply it as filler.                  

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Ceramic for optical products

This ceramic is used as optical product parts. Nishimura develops original material which has similar thermal expansion with glasses or peripheral equipment.

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N-600 low thermal expansion ceramics


N-600 low thermal expansion ceramics have Zero thermal expansion near room temperature.

It has high strength and light weight compare to other low thermal expansion materials.

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Porous Alumina Ceramics

Nishimura produce porous alumina ceramics which is based on alumina.
We arrange porosity and pore size according to usefulness.                                              

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CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)

 cim NAC has CIM technology(From original binder mixing, kneading, forming, de-binding, to firing control every process at Kyoto factory) and produces complex shaped parts in one shot. Not only supply the parts but also supply feedstock as well.

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Ceramic Square plate ,Round bar,Round Plate

標準サイズセラミックス 角板・丸棒構造材 Nishimura produces a round bar and a square plate.
Square Plate
:Nishimura produces the fine ceramics by machine press.
Round bar:Nishimura produces a round bar by extrusion molding. It is suitable for a structure material.
Round Plate:Nishimura have an original metal mold of round plate.                                              

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Large Size Advanced Ceramics

Large Size Advanced Ceramics Nishimura Advanced Ceramics is always researching and challenging to produce large size ceramic material stably with lower cost. Day by day we are brushing up the manufacturing process and material mixing for finding suitable manufacturing process.

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TO-220 Ceramic Heatsink

TO-220用セラミックスヒートシンク Using the technology of N-9H material’s original heat radiation system, Nishimura Advanced Ceramics produce a heat sink for a power device.
We have a line up of the standard parts, feel free to ask a price and sample parts.                                              

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Ceramic heat sinks and LED parts

Nishimura produces the original heat sink material which is used as a heat sink and a LED. This material is Nishimura original, and it is registered as a US patent.

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Ceramic machine parts and pump parts

Nishimura produces high purely alumina parts and Zirconia parts for pump parts and machine parts. These are good at heat-resistant, antifriction, and mechanical strength.

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Ceramic lighting apparatuses

Nishimura’s lighting equipment is based on the zircon and cordierite which are a low coefficient of thermal expansion, heat-resistant, and thermal shock.
These are suitable for a lamp base, outlet, and more
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Ceramic parts for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing machines,and solar energy technologies

Nishimura’s ceramics are used as semiconductor devices, liquid crystal devices, and solar power technologies.The material is based on highly pure alumina, yttria, and aluminum nitride. These products were cleared every condition like plasma resistant, low raising dust, high precision, something like that

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Ceramic insulators for heaters, crucibles and heat-resistant parts

This product has low thermal expansion coefficient, electric insulation, great thermal shock.

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For catalysts, antibacterial processing, and water treatment

This ceramics are used for catalyst, antibacterial, and water treatment. The materials were taken various patents.

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Ceramic parts for medical equipment and analyzers

Our medical devices and analyze devices ceramics that were cleared severe quality standard is based on high purely material like alumina and zirconia.

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Ceramic parts for temperature sensor parts

We are producing ceramics for temperature sensor. It is based on N-9H and aluminum nitride.

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Power supply devices and insulators

Nishimura produces power supply devices and insulators. Zircon, Our original Zircon cordierite, or Cordierite, we will use that material. It has good insulation, thermal shock resistance, and pressing tightness.

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Far infrared ceramics heater

Nishimura produces far infrared ceramics heater. It is useful for heating and drying.

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Arc extinguishing ceramic

Nishimura’s Arc-resistant ceramics are made by Zircon. High tension air circuit breaker and electro magnetic switch, Nishimura’s zircon is  which is arc extinguish material in a arc extinguish chamber.

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Machinable ceramic

This is the page of machinable ceramic which can grinding after sintering.
It can reduce delivery time.                                              

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Metal Injection Molding feedstock binder mixing (MIM)

Metal Injection Molding feedstock binder mixing (MIM) Based on Nishimura’s CIM(ceramic injection molding) binder mixing knowhow, Nishimura start processing MIM (Metal injection molding) feed stock since 1989.

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Apatite Bio Ceramic (Nano Freeze Dried Powder, CIM feedstock)

Apatite Nano Freeze Dried Powder Here is the Nishimura original nanoscale Apatite powder.Pulverized sintered apatite by a bead mill and freeze-drying.
For apply to cosmetic/ toothpaste/Quasi drag, We took a safety test by JFRL(Japan Food Research Laboratories)                                              

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Ceramic substrate size list (Alumina 96%, Aluminum Nitride 170W)

Alumina 96%, Aluminum Nitride 170W Alumina ceramic substrate produced by a tape casting method.
Size :□114.3 x 0.25t, 0.32t, 0.38t, 0.635t (mm)
Size: □120.65 x 0.25t, 0.38t, 0.40t, 0.50t, 0.635t, 0.8t, 1.0t (mm)
Size: □127.0 x 0.38t, 0.50t, 1.0t (mm)
Size: 190.5 x 138.0 x 0.32t, 0.38t, 0.635t, 1.0t (mm)
Size :185.0 x 185.0 x 1.0t (mm)                               

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