Ceramic machine parts and ceramic pump parts

Ceramic products for machine parts and pump parts

Nishimura Advanced Ceramics proposes the use of highly purified alumina ceramics for machine parts and pump parts.
Highly pure alumina ceramics are extensively applied as highly-strong ceramic material. It has excellent abrasion resistance, and there is no rival among other ceramic materials for its electrical insulation, chemical resistance and other abilities.

Alumina is applied to special purposes, utilizing its characteristics based on the percentage of its main ingredient, AlO. Alumina of purity 92% Al2O3 is used for general purposes, especially for metallization with high heat resistance, while alumina of purity 96% AlO is mostly applied to thick film substrate and for other purposes requiring mechanical strength. Alumina of purity 99.5% or more has excellent heat conductivity, electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, etc., and is often used for purposes which are difficult to realize with other industrial materials.
Nishimura Advanced Ceramics’s alumina ceramics for machine parts and pump parts are made of highly-pure ceramics of 99.5% or more purity, thus comprising dense ceramics useful even for minor surface roughness.



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