Ceramic parts for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing machines, and for solar equipment


Advanced Ceramic products for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing machines, and for solar equipment

Manufacturing machines parts of semiconductors need to have features of high rigidity, processing accuracy, seismic capacity, heat resistance, heat conductivity efficiency, surface processing accuracy, metal contamination, chemical resistance, gas resistance, plasma resistance, insulation performance, electric permittivity, dielectric loss tangent, volume resistivity, low dust generation (particles), cost, etc.
Nishimura Advanced Ceramics proposes applying highly-pure Alumina (Al2O3 purity 99.5% to 99.99%), Aluminum Nitride (ALN), and Yttria (Y203), as those ceramics satisfying the above requirements.

NAC’s ceramic manufacturing policy is producing as much as high-density ceramic with tiny crystal composition. This policy match with the requirement from the semiconductor device industry because Nishimura low pore vacancy ceramics is suitable for a plasma generation device.

Non-metal contamination grade Alumina is also widely used for a semiconductor front end device. 

Because of its features, those materials are used as a

-Focus rings,
-Etching nozzles, Shield
-Shower head
-Chamber Liner
-Cover Ring
-Heater material
-Wafer table
-RF window
-Lifter Pin
-End effector/arm
-Deposition Ring
and so on. 

Aluminum nitride(AlN) is excellent in heat conductivity, heat radiation, heat shock resistance, and electrical insulation. Furthermore, its thermal expansion coefficient is similar to a silicon wafer.
Yttria is the material that has excellent plasma resistance.

All kinds of material/items are possible to order with custom design and small quantity. 

Case Introduction

Plasma proof Bell-Jar for CVD Material N-999S

耐プラズマCVD用ベルジャ 材質N-999S We have choose N-999S(Al2O3 99.9%) which is stand for plasma. This product is used for semiconductor manufacturing device.

Alumina Ceramic N-999S Ceramic tube

アルミナ N-999S チューブ As fired finish and chamber under 0.2mm:φ10 +0/-0.05×φ8 +0.1/0×350L
N-999S material (Al2O3 99.9% material)

Hair pin tube plasma cover

耐プラズマ用セラミックスU字管 This hair pin tube(U shape tube) is used as a cover pipe of semiconductor manufacturing device.

Material: N-99(99.7% Alumina)

Translucent plasma cover 

透光性アルミナN-9000NS Nishimura’s N-9000NS translucent high strength alumina is used as plasma protection of semiconductor manufacturing device.

Plasma proof ceramic elbow

121120b1 Made by Nishimura high purity Alumina ceramics.

N-99 Semiconductor produce equipment parts

高純度アルミナN-99製(アルミナ99.5%以上)半導体製造装置用部品 Alumina 99,7% material.

All the holes and channels are taken by the green-machining method(unfired machining)


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