Ceramic For optical products

Ceramic products for optical products

R&D team of Nishimura Advanced Ceramics has been inventing ceramic materials which have similar thermal expansion as thermal expansion of each customer’s materials.

Our original thermal expansion controlled ceramics has been used by variety of customers, such as whom in camera industry.

We have invented ceramic materials which have appropriate properties such as Lightproof, bondability with optical glass, matching thermal expansion with glass or peripheral, Thermal conductivity, specific heat, electric insulation and so on.

  • FB-10 material (Nishimura original material produced based on forsterite)
  • N-6905B (Nishimura original material produced based on steatite)
  • N-9B, N-92D (Nishimura original material produced based on alumina)

In addition, we also have zero thermal expansion cordierite, color zirconia, and white zirconia.

If you are looking for ceramic material which has specifically controlled thermal expansion property, Nishimura will be the solution provider.


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