For catalysts, antibacterial processing and water treatment

Ceramic products for catalysts, antibacterial processing and water treatment

In the environment-related field, Nishimura Porcelain is manufacturing earth-friendly ecological ceramics.

Our ecological ceramics include the platinum catalyst Catamic, which oxidizes and decontaminates organically contaminated air and foul odors to create harmless odor-free gas at low temperatures (200 – 400 degrees C), and antibacterial ceramics against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.
Nishimura Porcelain’s original silver treatment process is applied to its antibacterial ceramics to reduce the emergence of bacteria over long periods by “silver ion water sterilization.”

For other water treatment ceramics, we can provide ceramics for dechlorination, zinc elution, and iron elution.

Granted patents
Japan Patent Kokai 2083095 (Aug. 23, 1996)
Japan Patent Kokai 2567600 (Oct. 3, 1996)
Japan Patent Kokai H10-128319 (May 19 1998)


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