Ceramic parts for medical equipment and analyzers

Ceramic products for medical equipment and analyzers

Nishimura Advanced Ceramics produce stators, metering valves, cylinders, or pistons for medical diagnostic equipment and analyzers. High purity alumina powder is mainly used for those parts. These products satisfy all requirements for medical equipment and analyzers.

Nishimura Advanced Ceramics guarantees the quality of ceramics with strict requirements such as high precision, no impurities, surface roughness control, abrasion resistance, etc.

We install an automatic image scope for inspect 100% inspection. 


Ceramic Piston and Plunger



Nishimura manufacture Piston and Plunger for medical analyzing devices. 

Nishimura offer Alumina 99.99% translucent alumina or Alumina 99.9% materials as an alternative of Sapphire piston and plunger. 
Nishimura’s materials has low wettability, so liquid will not remain on the material surface.

Control surface roughness under Ra0.1 micro meter, Fitting accuracy around 4 micro meter is possible to fit.


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