Arc extinguishing ceramic(Arc resistant ceramic)

Npc’s Arc resistant ceramic is made by Zircon. High tension air circuit breaker and electro magnetic swich, Arc resistance ceramic is used for these kind of parts which is arc extinguish material in a arc extinguish chamber.

Strong Point

  • Especially, suitable for direct current arc
  • Fire resistance
  • thermal shock resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Good electric insulation, withstand voltage
  • Easy to absorb the arc heat.
  • Dimensional accuracy

Fire resistance test(by Oxy-acetylene flame)

(N-330 arc extinguishing ceramic made by zircon)

Note: Test piece is exposed by  oxy-acetylene frame which is belched out from 1.75mm caliber nozzle and the frame is around 100mm length. exposing for 5 second by maximum temparture of frame, and pausing 10 second. The test is operated this cycle for 5 times.



properties units N-300 N-330 Experiment method
Water absorption % 0.2 6.0 JIS C2210
Porosity % 0.0 12.0
apparent specific gravity 3.2 2.7 JIS C2210
Bending strength ordinary state ㎏/㎝2 1000 250 JIS C2210
After heated by 500℃ ㎏/㎝2 1000 250 JIS C2210
Impact bending strength ㎏-cm/㎝2 3.5 1.5 JIS C2210
Thermal expansion coefficient ×10-6 3.2 3.0 20~400℃
Break down voltage KV/㎜ 14.0 1.5 JIS C2210
Volume resistivity Ω‐㎝ >1014 >1013 JEC148
Fire resistance Excellent Excellent Oxy-acetylene
Arc-resistance second >420 >420 ASTM495
Strong point Fine grain
Usefulness Pleurum Arc Barrier, etc




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