Partial adsorbing porous vacuum chuck VM-6 / Ceramic vacuum chuck

Porous ceramics vacuum chuck with partial adsorbing property, VM-6

Our partial adsorbing vacuum chuck VM-6 is the innovative vacuum chuck with micro porous ceramics(1μm pores).

Normally, Ceramics vacuum chuck only adsorb and fix an object which covers all surface of vacuum chuck, however, VM-6 can adsorb and fix many of smaller objects  at once, like the picture on the right side.

It can be applied for adsorbing small objects with smooth surface, such as small plates, films, circuit boards, and so on, and for applications which requires smooth surface. 

VM-6 can be used in wet condition also.

You can either purchase the complete vacuum chuck with base plate, or just the porous plate and simply set it on normal vacuum chuck. 

Please try our partial adsorbing vacuum chuck VM-6 with the free rental test kit! 

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Adsorbing several objects by using Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck

Adsorbing film by using partial vacuum chuck


Compare with Normal ceramic vacuum chuck


Normal ceramic vacuum chuck Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck  VM-6
●Object smaller than a vacuum chuck can’t be adsorbed

●More than one object can’t be adsorbed at once.

● Adsorb and fix smaller objects than the porous chuck itself.

●Adsorb and fix several objects at once.

●In the case of applying for thin objects such as film, there is a risk of leaving adsorption trace. ●Beauce of its smoth surface(Ra1.4-2.0), there is no risk of leaving adsorbtion trace on thin objects.
●pores can easily be clogged with particles. ●Because of its tiny pores (1μm), porous plate would not be clogged with particles.

Expected applications

  • Fixing small objects such as semiconductors, MEMS and so on.
  • Fixing thin objects such as film, semiconductors, and  so on.
  • Conveying object by air floating
  • Vacuum chuck for machining

Our partial vacuum chuck can solve many problems which were happening when you were using normal vacuum chuck.It will be game changer to increase your productivity.

If you are interested, please contact us anytime. Free rental sample for testing is available.

Alumina base vacuum chuck

We also produce normal ceramics vacuum chuck which often applied for adsorbing wafer.

We can produce a vacuum chuck with complex shape also.

Polishing alumina plate fixed by ceramic vacuum chuck

Fixing alumina plate by ceramic vacuum chuck


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