Ceramic vacuum chuck/Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck VM-6

Nishimura Advanced Ceramics have started to produce and sell ceramic vacuum chuck.
From material choice for chuck base, material choice of porous plate to its shape, we can supply the porous chuck as your request.
Maximum size is φ700, □495mm.
Vacuum chuck is often used for semiconductor industry, and it can be also used for fixing film, machining wide variety of material, and so on.

Alumina base vacuum chuck

φ237mm(suitable for 8inch wefer)

ceramic vacuum chuck

Polishing alumina plate fixed by ceramic vacuum chuck

Fixing alumina plate by ceramic vacuum chuck

Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck VM-6

Adsorbing several objects by using Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck

Adsorbing film by using partial vacuum chuck

In addition to normal ceramic vacuum chuck, we have invented partial adsorbing vacuum chuck called VM-6

Because of its partial adsorbing property and very small pores(1um), it has possibility to be used for many application.

Compare with Normal ceramic vacuum chuck


Normal ceramic vacuum chuck Partial adsorbing vacuum chuck  VM-6
● Smaller object than a vacuum chuck can’t be adsorbed

●More than one object can’t be adsorbed at once.

● Adsorbs smaller objects than a porous chuck itself.

●Adsorbs several objects at once.

●In the case of applying for thin objects such as film, there is a risk of leaving adsorption trace. ●Beauce of its smoth surface(Ra1.8), there is no risk of leaving adsorbtion trace on thin objects.

Expected applications


  • Fixing objects such as wafer
  • Fixing thin objects such as film
  • Conveying object by air floating
  • Partial vacuum chuck for machining in dry process

Our partial vacuum chuck can solve many problems which were happening when you were using normal vacuum chuck.It will be game changer to increase your productivity.

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