Ceramic Heat sinks for LED parts

N-9H SEM photomicrograph(x5000)

Ceramic heat sink for a LED

Nishimura Advanced Ceramics proposes the use of N-9H and N-6H ceramics for heat sinks and LED parts because with their high thermal conductivity these ceramics release heat by heat emission.

This LED heat radiation system is install in Tokyo Skytree which is the tallest radio tower in Japan.

N-9H and N-6H are heat-radiating ceramics of alumina systems with high thermal conductivity and excellent heat radiation, originally developed by Nishimura Advanced Ceramics.
N-9H’s thermal conductivity reaches 39 w/mk, with extremely high heat conductivity as ceramics, and it releases heat with its high coefficient of thermal radiation (thermal emittance: 0.97). N-9H ceramic is applied widely to all fields requiring heat control including LEDs, power supply devices, and integrated circuits.

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