Heat-radiating ceramics

For heat sinks Nishimura Advanced Ceramics provides heat-radiating ceramics called N-9H and N-6H, both mainly containing alumina.
In the past, convection generated by heat conduction or a fan was used for heat sinks. Nishimura Advanced Ceramics’s N-9H and N-6H are materials with high thermal emissivity, and are used for new ceramics for heat-radiating heat sinks.

N-9H SEM phote micrograph(x5000)

Table: Properties of heat-radiating ceramics N-9H and N-6H

Material Alumina system Alumina system
Nishimura Ref. No. N-9H N-6H
Color Flesh color White
Density g/cm3 3.9 3.7
Water absorption 0 0
Thermal properties Thermal emissivity   0.97 0.963
Heat conductivity W/m・K 39 26
Thermal expansion coefficient ×10-6/℃ 7.7 7.7
For plasma resistance 200 200
Max. operation temperature 1500 1500
Manufacturing methods Pressing and CIP
Form: plate
Machine processible
Irregular form available

* The above figures are representative values; Nishimura Advanced Ceramics does not guarantee these values.

Material properties
Major material property list(PDF 63.7KB)

FPGA heat sink
Troidal coil heat sink
Tokyo Skytree LED N-9H ceramic heatsinkexample
Desktop LED N-9H ceramic heatsink 


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