CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)

CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)

Nishimura Advanced Ceramics produces 1~4 piece of small and complex shaped parts in one shot by CIM(High-pressure Ceramic Injection Molding) technology. We are proud of ourself as a pioneer of CIM(High-pressure Ceramic Injection Molding) since we use CIM technology from 1986.

 Nishimura Advanced Ceramics’s CIM parts are very high density since NAC has original binder mixing recipe. We control all of CIM process(From material/binder mixing, kneading, forming, de-binding, and firing) inside of Kyoto factory.

Not only the CIM manufacturing, but also we can provide CIM feedstock as well. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if there is any request.


  • Take complex shape without any green body machining
  • High density
  • Suitable for thin wall thickness parts
  • Suitable for a small size parts
 CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)_1  CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)_2
 CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)_3  CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)_4
 CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)_5  CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)_6
 CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)_7  CIM(High-pressure Ceramic InJection Molding)_8

NAC also prodive MIM feedstock too. Detail of Metal injection molding feedstock is here.


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