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High purity Alumina ceramics series

Nishimura handle high purity alumina (99.7~99.99%)

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Alumina ceramics

Alumina is a fine ceramic with remarkable electrical insulation, corrosion resistance against acids and alkalis, and abrasion resistance. It is applied to various purposes including machine parts and electronic equipment parts.

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Heat-radiating ceramics

N-9H and N-6H, mainly made from alumina, are categorized in this group.
These materials have a high thermal emissivity, and they are applied to new types of heat sinks utilizing heat radiation.                     

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Anti-Plasma material / Yttria

Yttria has high abrasion resistance against corrosive gases and plasma, and is applied to semiconductor device parts, etc.

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Zirconia ceramics

Zirconia has high electrical insulation, chemical resistance, and remarkable strength at ordinary temperatures in comparison to other ceramics. It is used for abrasion-resistant parts, machine parts, etc.

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N-600 Zero thermal expansion ceramics

Zero thermal expansion ceramics Nishimura has developed new ceramic material grade which has almost zero thermal expansion near the room temperature.

Compare with other type of low thermal expansion ceramics, N-600 has outstanding performance below.

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Si3N4 Sillicon nitride ceramics・SiC Carbon nitride ceramics​

Si3N4 Sillicon nitride ceramics Si3n4 is the only ceramics material with a greater mechanical strength than Alumina or Carbon nitride, and with a high thermal shock resistance. It is often applied for parts require high mechanical strength in a high temperature area.

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Aluminum Nitride

Well thermal conductivity and electric insulation.
Excellent at thermal shock.ALN-170,200,HYO are available.                     

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Zircon ceramics

Zircon which is composed of ZrSIO4 is excellent at thermal shock resistance and low thermal expansion.

Zircon is really good for heat-resistant ceramics because it also has hi-level electric insulation at high temperatures.

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Aluminum Titanate

Aluminum Titanate is composed of Al₂O₃ and  TiO₂. These ceramics have the pretty good non-wettability for molten metal.

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ステアタイト This product is based on Forsterite. High quality Forsterite does not contain any free Magnesia crystals, and we are one of the corporation which can provide high quality Forsterite.


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Steatite ceramics

Crystals of MgO and SiO2 constitute a steatite.

Main raw material is processed talc, and we add few kinds of auxiliaries.

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-This ceramic is MgO・Al2O3・SiO2 kind, and it’s consist on 2MgO・2Al2O3・5SiO2 which is cordierite crystal. This material have two type, called N-23 and N-53.
-Especially, N-53 has much Nishimuras originality. The N-53s special feature is surface which is like after glazed.
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Nishimura Original ceramics (Zirconcordierite)

-Zircon(ZrO2・SiO2)is one of the material which has good thermal shock resistance.
-We mixed this zircon with cordierite. This ceramics advantages are better resistance of thermal shock and stabler firing shrinkage.
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Mullite has high intensity as a alumina ceramic in room temperature. Also it is strong to high temperature condition, and it has small CTE.

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Porcelain (Standerd Porcelain)

This SiO2 and Al2O3 kinds ceramic is the most popular and low cost material.
As a high tension insulator, it is used for suspension-type insulator, pin-type insulator, or bushing. Also it is used for home appliance heater supporter, porcelain bushing, plug, socket, and wiring parts as a low or middle tension insulator. In case of  it is used in outside, we will coat its by a glaze.                     

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Lithium ceramic N-10J(β-spodumene, petalite)

Li2O-AL2O3-SiO2 kind ceramic. People call β-spodumene or petalite.

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Color ceramic

Color ceramic

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Visible light high reflective ceramic N-9000T

Super pure and ultrafine particle alumina. Reflect electromagnetic wave of visible light region very well. reflectivity is 90 – 94%.
Also it is strong for ultraviolet rays. Always keep color of the ceramic.                     

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Other ceramics

Nishimura Porcelain is providing “low extension rate ceramics” with extreme resistance against heat shock, “high visible light reflectivity ceramics” with high resistance against heat and ultraviolet light, etc.

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Material properties
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