Anti-Plasma material / Yttria

Yttria(yttrium oxide, Y2O3)is a ceramics based on rare-earth material which excellence in corrosion resistance for plasma and corrosive gas.
This material is widely used in Semiconductor industry as a anti plasma material.   

Especially, its corrosion resistance for plasma is outstanding which can be seen from the fact its consumption by plasma is one hundredth of quartz, and one tenth of alumina.

Yttria ceramics can contribute to producing of semiconductor manufacturing machine parts by making lower defect rate, because it reduces contamination which occurred from particle and impurities.

Therefore, Yttria is often used as semiconductor device parts, such as the caps or nozzles of etch chamber. It can reduce replacement frequency of parts as well.

Since Yttria is chemically stable, it can be also used as molten metal parts, setters, and etc.

Nishimura is producing Yttria ceramics as 0% water absorptive structural material by using only hi purity Yttria (over 99.9%).(In a market, there are also cheaper grade of Yttria which absorbs water, but it can’t be used as structure material.)

Yttria can be machined precisely as alumina and Nishimura can process it into various shapes such as shower head, thread, and thread cover cap. Please contact us for any Yttria ceramics uses.

Material properties
Major material properties list(PDF 63.7KB)

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