Other ceramics

Low-expansion ceramics

Nishimura Porcelain provides two types of low-expansion ceramics, cordierite porcelain and lithia porcelain.
Because their thermal expansion coefficient is low, they are highly resistant against heat shocks, and accordingly they are used as insulators for electric heaters requiring heat shock resistance.
Furthermore, lithia porcelain scarcely changes its size due to heat changes, with a thermal expansion coefficient of 0.4 – 0.5 x 10-6/degrees C at room temperature (20 – 30 degrees C).

High visible light reflectivity ceramics

Nishimura Porcelain’s high visible light reflectivity ceramic (N-9000T) mainly contains alumina, and its reflectivity against electromagnetic waves in the visible light range (400 – 800 nm) is 90 – 94%.
Ceramic material N-9000T shows high resistance against heat and ultraviolet rays.

Material properties
Major material property list(PDF 63.7KB)

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