Steatite ceramics / Black color Steatite

N-6805B Black color steatite

N-6805B ステアタイト黒褐色

 This unique material is developed by Nishimura as the parts “lens holder/supporter of rear projection TV” or projector parts like a prism.  The unique point of this black ceramic material is that it has a same thermal expansion property with BK-7 (One of Grass material grade) for attaching with BK-7 and N-6805B. The reason why it has a black color is for preventing light reflecting.


Temperature Range


N-6805B(Steatite ceramics)
100~300℃ 8.6×10-6/℃ 8.68×10-6/℃
–30~70℃ 7.2×10-6/℃ 7.51×10-6/℃

N-68 Steatite

Crystals of MgO and SiO2 constitute a steatite.

Main raw material is processed talc, and we add few kinds of auxiliaries.


  • A electon tube, a semiconductor, a integrated circuit, a heat-resistant, these kind of parts.
  • The cases of resistance
  • A terminal board


Material Property
Characteristic Table(PDF 63.7KB)



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