Aluminum Titanate

Aluminum Titanate is composed of Al₂O₃ and  TiO₂.(Al₂TiO₅) This material had great non-wettability for molten metal.


  • Excellent high thermal resistance
  • Strongest resistance for rapid thermal.
  • High refractoriness (1100°)
  • Extremely low thermal expansion(0.7×10‐6/℃)
  • Excellent no-wettability for molten metal.


  • This material is the strongest ceramic for rapid thermal because it has a high refractoriness and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • This material has a high thermal shock resistance.  It can be an appreciation of a burner tip,  a nozzle, a crucible.
  • This material has great non-wettability for molten metal.
  • The material is one of a machinable ceramic.


Material Property
Characteristic Table(PDF 63.7KB)

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