Nishimura Original ceramics (Zirconcordierite)

【zircon cordierite(N-32)】

-Zircon(ZrO2・SiO2)is one of the material which has good thermal shock resistance.
-We mixed this zircon with cordierite. This ceramics advantages are better resistance of thermal shock and stabler firing shrinkage.

Strong Point

-High thermal shock resistance
-Low thermal expansion
-Smooth surface
-self grazed body
-Stain resistance
-Milky white color


-Heat resisting parts
-parts which needs low thermal expansion
-Halogen light part


Character Central value
Nishimura No. N-32
Main components ZrO2・SiO2・-2MgO・2Al2O3・5SiO2
Bulk specific gravity 3.6
Water absorption < 1.0%
Bending strength 120MPa
Dielectric constant 6.5(1MHz)
Dielectric less tangent 5.0×10-4(1MHz)
Thermal expansion coefficient 3.5×10-6/℃
Thermal conductivity 1.3W/mK
Thermal shock resistance 450℃

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