Mullite ceramics


Mullite ceramics has high intensity as a alumina ceramic in room temperature. Also it is strong to high temperature condition, and it has small CTE.

Strong Point

-High thermal shock resistance
-High wear and abrasion resistance
-Manufacturing cost is low


・Heat resistant parts
・Setter for firing process
・Material for high-temperature service

Characteristic table

character Central value
No. No.N-800
Main components 3Al2O3・2SiO2
Bulk specific gravity 2.7
Water absorption < 0.01%
Bending strength 180 MPa
Dielectric constant 6.5(1MHz)
Dielectric less tangent 3.7×10-4(1MHz)
Thermal expansion coefficient 5.3×10-6/℃
Thermal Conductivity 4.2W/m・K
Thermal shock resistance 200℃

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