Porcelain (Standerd Porcelain)

This SiO2 and Al2O3 kinds ceramic is the most popular and low cost material.
As a high tension insulator, it is used for suspension-type insulator, pin-type insulator, or bushing. Also it is used for home appliance heater supporter, porcelain bushing, plug, socket, and wiring parts as a low or middle tension insulator. In case of  it is used in outside, we will coat its by a glaze.

Strong Point

-provide excellent electric insulation
-Low cost products


-Insulation parts for home appliance
-Any kind of heaters terminal
-Porcelain bushing


Property Value
Nishimura No. N-04
Main Component ・SiO2・Al2O3
Bulk specific gravity 2.3
water absorption < 0.01%
Bending strength 80 MPa
Dielectric constant 5.9(1MHz)
Dielectric less tangent 5.37×10-4(1MHz)
Thermal expansion coefficient 6.7×10-6/℃
Thermal conductivity 1.7W/m・K
Thermal shock resistance 1200℃

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