N-600 Zero thermal expansion ceramics

Zero thermal expansion ceramics Zero thermal expansion ceramics

Nishimura has developed new ceramic material grade which has almost zero thermal expansion near the room temperature. 

Compare with other type of low thermal expansion ceramics, N-600 has outstanding performance below.


Zero thermal expansion near room temperature(22-23℃)

Light weight and high strength because of its smooth surface, it can be mirror finished.

Zero water absorption

Low thermal conductivity

Applications examples

Semiconductor manufacturing device

Parts for inspection device

Standard gauge for proofreading

Parts for machine used in high, or low temperature

Alternative of Super Inver


Stage parts, Mirrors, High temperature heat treatment jigs


Material name Cordierite
Nishimura No. N-600
Main components 2MgO・2Al2O3・5SiO2


Color White  
Bulk density cm³/g  2.5
Water absorption % 0%
Mechanical properties Vickers hardness GPa 9.0
Bending strength MPa 150
Young modules GPa 140
Electric properties Volume resistivity Ω・cm 1014
Electric constant 1MHz   4.9
Electric loss tangent 1MHz   9.0×10-4
Dielectric strength kV/mm 19.1
Thermal properties Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/℃ 1.28(500~600℃)
0.1 (22~23℃)
Thermal conductivity W/m・K 4.75(30℃)

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