Compare by thermal conductivity

Compare Nishimura ceramics by thermal conductivity

Material Name Nishimura No. Thermal conductivity(W/m・K)
Aluminum Nitride AlN-170 170
Alumina N-9H 39
Alumina N-9000T 38
Alumina N-9000NS 37
Alumina N-999S 33.4
Alumina N-99 31.4
Alumina N-96 21.8
Alumina(Black) N-96B 21
Alumina N-92 16.7
Alumina(Black) N-92B 16.7
Yttria N-100Y 11.4
Zircon N-37C 6.7
Mullite N-800 4.2
Forsterite N-75 3.4
Zirconia N-650 3
Cordierite N-53 2.5
Steatite N-68 2.5
β-Spodumene N-10J 2
Standard Porcelain N-04 1.7
Aluminum Titanate N-420 1.5
Zircon Cordierite N-32 1.3
Cordierite N-23S 1.25
Material Name Nishimura No. Thermal conductivity(W/m・K)

* This is central value, Not certificate value.


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